27 March 2019

Influencers Marketing for Business

Numerous marketing agencies and brands view this group of people as a viable channel to advertise their products and services out to the crowd. There have certainly been evident impact of consciousness created by brands through engaging influencers. 

An example of the a successful campaign ran is Mercedes Benz, that's achieved significant results through influencers marketing to appeal to a younger audience. The  campaign featured a 360 degree video of Loki, a wolf dog and his owner who took a drive through the Colorado mountain to give the viewers a glimpse of the gorgeous landscape.

This particular post generated an engagements exceeding 50,000.

To launch an effective influencers marketing campaign, the key is to find and engage the right influencers. The right influencers is someone who can reach your target audience, build trust and drive engagement. 

Now, you may be wondering how to figure out who are the right influencers? Before reaching out to potential social media influencer, there are 3 fundamental aspects that brands and agencies should consider. 


  • Relevance, referring to the contents that the influencers are sharing, are they relevant to the business being promoted. 
  • Reach, the number of people that could potentially be reached through the influencers follower base and are these followers the genuine and organic audience that will add value to the business?
  • Resonance, the potential engagements that influencers can create with an audience that's relevant to your brand.


Bigger isn't always better. A huge followers count is meaningless if those followers aren't interested in your business' offerings. And a small follower count can be very effective if the influencer has a dedicated and authentic engaged interest. On this note, It's critical to work with social media influencers whose creative vision aligns with the brand objective. 

Written by: Benedict Woon