25 November 2016

How does partying with beautiful (or scary) ladies by the beach on a Halloween month sounds? On 22nd October, 30 of our personalities from Faves Asia headed down to the most heart pumping Halloween party in the month of all things ghouls.

Blackwhite Productions is back this month with their all-time popular sell-out beach party, Atlantis Music Festival. It is our privilege and honour, here at Faves Asia, to have been extended VIP invites from the organiser; and our personalities were stoked!

In the weeks leading up to Atlantis Fright Night, our ladies have been doing shoutouts for the highly anticipated event on their social media profiles. Their creativities were also put to the test, as they challenged themselves with a DIY Halloween makeup post taken together with their VIP tickets. Whoever said that a girl can no longer look glamorous in such makeup has clearly not seen our Faves Asia personalities in action!

As per the Atlantis tradition, the night turned out to be a blast! Endless amount of alcohol at the exclusive VIP table for our Faves Asia personalities, as well as the opportunity to go up on stage to dance the night away with the star-studded DJ lineups. Our ladies are ever so grateful for the hospitality that we have received from Blackwhite Productions throughout the night.

If you have missed this chance to party it up with our stunning personalities, or if you are still facing withdrawals from that amazing night with us, fret not! Relive those incredible moments by checking out our Facebook page () for the video of our ladies hyping up the crowd; or head over to our Instagram () to catch snippets of how Atlantis Fright Night went down for our Faves personalities.

Remember to check this space ever so often, as we would be keeping you posted on the events and hotspots in Singapore where you could possibly meet our many charming Faves personalities at our next event. Till then, stay gold!

Written by: Stephanie Ler